7 Nov 2015

The winner of the Password Challenge organised during the recent BruCERT roadshow at TechXpo 2015 was awarded today in an event held at IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) in Beribi. In its capacity as Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT), ITPSS organised the challenge with the objective of raising public awareness on the importance of creating complex passwords to protect users against unauthorized access.

Password Challenge required each participant to create a unique password by using a combination of characters and symbols. The password should be complex yet easy for the person to remember. At the end of the roadshow, the BruCERT team would determine how long it would take to crack each password. The person whose password took the longest time to crack won the challenge.

According to Haji Mas Zuraime Hj Abdul Hamid, Head of BruCERT, “This is a good way to show the public that the harder the password, the more difficult it would be for hackers to crack it. The catch is that the user would have to remember their password in order to qualify as the winner. There’s
no point in creating a complex password if you can’t remember it.”

Out of the 710 registered passwords, the overall winner was Al-Muhammad Nasrullah Ataullah bin Rahmat, whose password took the longest to crack. He received a GoPro camera, presented to him by Haji Mas Zuraime.

The Password Challenge was first conducted in 2012 during a roadshow for AITI’s Cybersecurity Awareness Week. At the time, 223 participants stepped up to the challenge. The following year, a 14-year-old boy won the Password Challenge, out of a total of 328 entries. This year, there were 710 participants. “The response this year has been very encouraging. It means we are able to reach more people each time we run the challenge, which is great for public awareness,” said Hj Mas Zuraime.

BruCERT also conducts awareness talks for schools nationwide and produce the Cyber Safe radio show on Pilihan FM, among other initiatives. To learn more about online safety and information security, please visit www.SecureVerifyConnect.info