13 Nov 2014


CURRENT technological advances should be kept up with for safety precautions given the fast-changing landscape of the internet, said an officer from the Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT).

During a talk presented by BruCERT Operations Officer Eddysham Hj Sanif during the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry’s (AITI) Cybersecurity Awareness Week 2014, explained that parents should recognise the threats available online to both themselves and their children.

“Scammers and hackers are now targeting social media,” said Eddysham who said that the parties have recognised the appeal such platforms have to users.

“People are using social media whenever they can to chat. It is a fast train and the attackers can use this to gain information about ourselves. This includes IC numbers especially as people tend to use passwords with their names and information,” he continued. He demonstrated the different tools and applications that online opportunists have been using and explained that it has been progressively developing since the early millennium.

Viruses and malware can easily be downloaded into the users’ computer when they download files online that can result in various outcomes such as the hackers gaining control over the users’ devices to their own advantage.

He urged individuals to be aware of their activities online and to be cautious with their personal information while keeping their anti-virus applications updated, and refraining from downloading that requires users to switch off their anti-virus.

The Brunei Times