Parental controls are tools that help families protect children from inappropriate content on the internet, and control what they can access by filtering online content. Parents are able to monitor their children’s online activities on computers, mobiles and tablets. Many tools are available, and offer different functions for individual devices.

What can parental controls do?
Most parental controls are able to:

  • Filter and block certain content to limit children from accessing specific websites, applications or even limit videos and other multimedia
  • Monitor what websites are being accessed, including duration and frequency of access
  • Control usage of devices such as setting time limits, blocking access after a set time, or forbidding certain types of usage such as downloading videos or images
  • Block outgoing content to prevent children from sharing personal information online and via email

What is the best parental control tool?
You should check out user reviews to find the one that best suits you. In general, you should look for a tool that:

  • Is easy for you to install and use
  • Blocks content and websites well
  • Offers good reports on which websites have been accessed
  • Is automatically updated (to ensure new websites and content are blocked)
  • Can’t be easily avoided by smart teens

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