If you spend too much time on the internet, you might find it difficult to stop. This is called addiction. You might be playing games or chatting with friends but the problem is that if you are online for too long it can make you behave differently towards friends and family and can even make you sick.

You might have a problem if:

  • You don’t realize how long you’ve been on the computer
  • You spend more time online than going out to see friends or taking part in other activities.
  • You lie about how long you’ve spent on the computer when someone asks you
  • You become angry when someone asks you about the amount of time you spend on the internet.

If you are addicted to the internet:

  • You can get tired and you might not sleep well
  • It can make you miss your classes and can affect your grades at school
  • It can change how you get along with your parents and siblings
  • It can give you sore eyes, headaches and can make you lazy and gain weight

What can you do?

  • If you think that you’re spending too much time on the internet you should tell your parents
  • Make sure that the computer is in the living room where your parents or guardian can monitor it
  • Try to only use the internet on weekends, not during the weekdays when you go to school
  • Remember to go outdoors to play with your friends often. This will keep you fit and healthy and also will make you a happier person!


  • Using the internet when you should be sleeping can make you forgetful because you’re tired
  • Be smart and make sure that you don’t spend too much time online!

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