How many people are on your social networking friend list? Do you really know every single one of them personally? Would you talk to them in person? Be careful of who you trust online – a person could always pretend to be someone they are not.

Here’s why you should limit your friend list:

  • Your online friends could abuse the photos that you share.
  • Your reputation could be tarnished by cyberbullies.
  • You could be a target to thieves or sexual predators if you post your current location online.
  • Your identity could be stolen and used to create another online profile of yourself with posts not done by you.

Best practices

  • Change your privacy settings so your online posts can only be viewed by your trusted friends and family members.
  • Do not be very personal with your online posts. What goes online may stay online forever, even if you delete it.
  • Block, delete and ignore cyberbullies. Alternatively, you can report them to the social network site administrator.

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