Dumpster diving is a technique used by Social Engineers to steal information by going through your trash. Dumpster diving provides easy access to your personal information from your receipts and bills, including your company credentials and sensitive information. Most people don’t think someone would dig through their trash for information.

Who are dumpster divers?
Anyone could be a dumpster diver, including someone within your company or an outsider who is spying on you, including friends or neighbours.

How does dumpster diving work?
People throw documents such as financial statements into the trash, someone removes the unwanted documents from the trash. Then they can use the information for their benefit, to make money or steal your identity.

Best practices

  • Don’t throw any of your important information directly into the bin, especially when it contains personal, confidential or financial information.
  • Use a cross-shredder instead of a strip-cut shredder to destroy unwanted documents that contain sensitive information. This prevents a thief from re-assembling the document back to its original state.
  • Always be attentive to your surroundings.

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