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About Us

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Secure Verify Connect is a public awareness campaign by BruCERT which began in 2013. The campaign aims to raise awareness among the Bruneian public about each individual's responsibility to practice safe online behaviour and educate themselves about cyber threats and privacy risks.

Established in 2004

BruCERT is the nation's trusted referral agency for computer-related and internet-related security incidents in Brunei Darussalam. It now operates as one of the core services of Cyber Security Brunei, under the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications.

A Central Hub

BruCERT is the central hub that coordinates with international CERTs, network service providers, security vendors, government agencies, as well as other related organizations to facilitate the detection, analysis and prevention of security incidents on the internet.

Global Affiliation

Through a global affiliation with other CERTs, BruCERT acquires valuable information on IT security threats and shares findings on security risks detected within the nation's IT infrastructure. These findings are made publicly accessible with the objective of increasing IT security awareness.

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Report a cybersecurity incident

BruCERT offers assistance by providing advise and guidance on how to resolve cybersecurity issues such as phishing, infected computers, compromised online accounts, cyberbullying, and website defacement.