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Blogging Safety

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It’s common in Brunei for people to catch up on social news by reading local blogs on a daily basis. Blogs (short for web logs) are online journals that are usually set up to share opinions, photos, information and more. Blogs may be set up by individuals or companies. 

Risks of blogging 
Personal blogs are at risk of attracting stalkers and hackers. If you reveal too much personal information on your blog, people can find out where you study or work, and even where you live. If you’re posting from another country while on holiday, criminals may take the opportunity to break into your home while you’re away. 

Private blogs 
Most blogging services have a feature where the blogger can invite selected people to view the blog by logging in with a password. Some blogging services also give you an option to opt out of being found on search engines. 

Best practices 

  • Try to use a nickname instead of your real name and don't mention your home address, school or workplace. 
  • Be careful about the photos you wish to share as it might attract the wrong kind of attention. For example, party photos might affect your chances of getting hired for a job in the future. 
  • Try not to blog about political issues or to express negativity about your school or workmates. Keep blogs positive and don’t use them for slander or to attack others. 
  • Always think before you post anything online. If you have posted something you regret and wish to delete the post, chances are it would be too late. Your readers could have already made a screenshot of your post and shared it. You should assume that anything you post online is permanent.