What is Cyber Bullying? 
Sometimes when you’re on the internet, there may be someone who wants to harm you like a bully but without hurting you physically. When you visit some places on the internet like chatrooms or social media like Facebook or Twitter, some people might say mean things about you. You may not even know the people who are doing it. 


Examples of cyber bullying: 

  • Someone sending mean messages through the phone or online 
  • Someone trying to make other people be unkind to another person 
  • Trying to embarrass or make someone look silly in front of others 
  • Spreading lies about someone to make them look bad in front of their family, friends or at school. 
  • Leaving someone out of an online group and making them feel left out 


What’s wrong with bullying? 

  • Being bullied can make you feel very sad 
  • It can make you feel like nobody likes you 
  • Being bullied can also make you feel depressed and lonely 


If you're being cyberbullied: 

  • Don’t reply any messages from bullies 
  • Don’t post any personal information like your name or address on the internet 
  • Never open messages from strangers 
  • Never meet your online friends in real life. They might not be who they claim to be. 
  • Tell your parents or teacher if you see anything on the internet that you don’t like or you’re unsure of. 


Never bully anyone!