Dangers of Sharing Your Child’s Photos Online


Most parents share photos of their children, especially their newborn, online. Some do it to simply share the growth of their children with relatives and friends who live far away. 


The mistake parents fail to see is that they have created an online presence for their child without their consent. The photos may be cute now but in 10 years, what will your child think of the photo that you shared of them crying? 


Think before you post 

  1. Don’t share photos that could affect their social lives in the future. For example, a video of your child throwing tantrums. 
  2. Strangers may abuse the photo of your child and if you share their birth date and full name, they could become a victim of identity theft even before they start using the internet! 
  3. Remember, once you upload the photos online they have a chance of staying online forever, no matter how strong your privacy settings are. 


What can you do? 

  1. Never post naked or half-naked photos of your child as they may fall into the hands of a pedophile. 
  2. Never use your child’s full name or real name in the caption of an uploaded photo. 
  3. Google your child’s photo and see what comes up about them. Visit images.google.com and simply drag your child’s photo from your computer into the search box. 
  4. If you are sharing photos with family and friends online, make sure you get your child’s consent too. 
  5. Don't upload photos or videos of other children without their consent.