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Facebook Account Impersonating Pelita Brunei


18 APR 2024



A new Facebook page impersonating Pelita Brunei is promoting fake monthly welfare assistance from the government of Brunei Darussalam (Bantuan Kebajikan Bulanan Kerajaan Brunei Darussalam). The post contains a link to a webpage which requests the user to enter their personal details including their Telegram phone number and one-time password (OTP). This scam will lead to takeover of the user’s Telegram account. The public is urged to report the fake Facebook page and fraudulent post to Facebook, and refrain from clicking on the link.



  • Never respond to any requests without proper verification. Contact the relevant organization directly to verify whether the post is genuine.
  • Do not click on any suspicious links or attachments. Carefully examine URLs and use a URL scanner to check for safety.
  • Do not respond to any requests for your password or verification codes. It is most likely from someone who is trying to gain control of your account.
  • If a social media profile or post appears to be a scam or impersonation, report it to the respective platform (e.g. Facebook).
  • Review your security and privacy settings in Telegram, and enable two-step verification for your account. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Enable Two-Step Verification
  • Log out from Telegram Web/Desktop when not in use.
  • Install device updates as soon as possible as they help to keep your device secure.
  • Back up your devices regularly in case they become compromised.
  • Refer to our website for more info about Telegram takeover.