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Instagram Account Impersonating The Ministry Of Home Affairs


10 November 2023



An Instagram account named hal_ehwal_dalam_negeri is impersonating the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) of Brunei Darussalam, claiming to offer free assistance (Bantuan Percuma) from the government, in the form of job opportunities, health insurance, business capital and education funding.

The fake account was created in September 2023 and is based in Indonesia. The account profile contains a link which directs users to join a Telegram group called “Bantuan Kerajaan”. If the user clicks the “Join Group” button and enters their phone number for the Telegram app, they will then be asked to enter a code received via SMS.

The public is strongly advised not to enter their login code or share their code with anyone, due to the high risk of their Telegram account being taken over by scammers. Users are also advised not to click on the link as it has been classified as malicious.



  • Telegram account will be taken over
  • Identity theft
  • Possible data loss and financial loss



  • Before clicking any links in Instagram profiles, ensure that the account is genuine.
  • If a social media profile appears to be a scam or impersonation, report it to the respective platform (e.g. Instagram).
  • Never share verification codes, login codes, or confidential information, even if it appears to be requested by a trusted contact.
  • Make sure to use only the official government website for matters involving confidential information.
  • If a message or email seems suspicious, report it to the respective organization.
  • Enable two-step verification for your Telegram account. Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Enable Two-Step Verification
  • Review the security and privacy settings for Telegram to protect your account.
  • Log out from Telegram Web/Desktop when not in use.
  • Install antivirus software and set up automatic updates.
  • Back up your devices regularly in case they become compromised. 
  • Practice good cyber hygiene and safe practices.
  • To read more about Telegram takeover please refer to our website