Instagram sellers beware

Instagram is very popular in Brunei for online sellers to showcase their products for sale. It is also very convenient for the sellers as it cuts costs on renting a space and instead have their customers purchase their products by commenting “book” or “booksis”.  


The word “sis” is short for “sister” and it is usually used by ladies when they want to book with the intent to purchase the product.  


How is shopping on Instagram done in Brunei?  


  1. Seller uploads product photo and description  
  2. Interested customer comments “book” or texts the seller to purchase 
  3. Sellers usually receive payment by an online bank transfer from the customer 
  4. As proof of payment, customers would take a screenshot of the online transfer receipt and sends it to the seller by text or direct message (DM) 
  5. Seller then sends the customer’s order via mail or by arranging for a meeting point (MP) 


Sellers could get cheated 

There is a scam now whereby customers would cheat the online sellers by creating a fake screenshot of an online bank transfer receipt. The seller believes that payment has been made and sends the customer’s product without checking their bank account, only to find out too late that the payment transfer was never made. The customer would then become unreachable, as they would block the seller or change their phone number.  


How can online sellers avoid getting scammed? 

They should always double check their bank account first to confirm that payment has come through before sending out the order, even if the customer has sent a screenshot of the online transfer.  Nowadays, it’s easy to create a convincing image of an online payment receipt with any graphics software.