Monitor Your Child’s Internet Use with Parental Controls


The internet is a powerful tool that can be used for education for children as it supports their learning and research. However, the internet has potential dangers that come with it. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to protect children from the dangers of being online as there are explicit, disturbing and illegal sites online that children should not have access to. 


Below are some parental control tips and tools that can help you monitor your child’s activities and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content online. 


Use your wireless router to monitor internet usage 


When your wireless router was initially set up, the default setting will allow unlimited internet access to all devices. But with a quick visit to the settings, you can have more control and set up restrictions. 


Most parental controls are able to filter and block certain content to limit children from accessing specific websites, videos or applications. Parents are also able to control usage of devices by setting time limits or blocking access to the internet after a set time. 


Links on how to set up parental controls on common routers: 


TP- Link Routers 


D-Link Routers 


Using software to monitor your child’s internet usage 


Another way to monitor your children’s online activities is by using software or programs. Some programs can provide detailed account of the sites that your child has visited and the interactions they are making online.  


Here are some recommended tools to get you started: 



  • Kaspersky Safe Kids 

  • Net Nanny 

  • Symantec Norton Family Premier 

  • Windows Family Safety 

  • K9 Web Protection 

  • OpenDNS Family Shield