Privacy on Social Media


The growth of social media has made privacy increasingly vulnerable as we upload personal details (whether knowingly or unknowingly), thereby allowing others to see into our lives. Personal information is valuable and should be kept private. By maintaining privacy, you are reducing the risk of having your identity stolen.  


How to make your account private 

  • Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings of any social website that you currently use. 
  • Don’t publicize your vacation plans – this will indicate that you’re not home and someone may take advantage of that.  
  • Try not to share sensitive information publicly such as your age, place of birth, birth date or phone number, as this information is commonly used for passwords. A hacker may try to hack into your account just by using a combination of your personal details.  
  • Don’t post your home address, phone number and email address. 
  • Beware of friend requests from strangers. Verify them first and filter through your ‘friend list’ from time to time. 



Go to About Edit > Alter privacy settings from Friends to Only Me  



Go to Settings 

Tap on Account Privacy then tap to toggle Private Account on 




By default, WhatsApp sets your privacy settings to allow: 

  • Any WhatsApp user to see your read receipts, last seen, about and profile photo. 
  • Your contacts to see your status updates. 


To change these settings, simply go to 

WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy.