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What can you report to BruCERT?

Contact BruCERT for advice on dealing with cyber security incidents such as:

Infected Computer

Malware such as a virus, worm or trojan has been found on your computer

Malicious website

A website attempted to install malware or gain access to your computer

Hacked email account

Unauthorized access to your email account, usually after a user clicks on a phishing link


An attempt to trick you into revealing private information such as your password or credit card number, usually by sending an email claiming to be from a reputable company

Business Email Compromise

An email scam targeting companies by spoofing the email account of high-level employees to convince the victim to transfer funds or reveal confidential information


Social media

Unwanted contact, hacked accounts, online impersonation, social media scams, sextortion, and other issues related to your online privacy and security



Online harassment, abusive or threatening comments, or impersonation

Website defacement

An attack on a website by changing the appearance or content of the site

Denial of service

A malicious attack making a website temporarily unavailable by overwhelming its resources



245 8001


717 0766