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Stay cyber aware while on holiday

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It is important to stay vigilant during the holidays and guard your personal information at all times.

Book your travel and accommodation from official websites 
Use legitimate websites with good reviews and ensure that the website uses https:// in the URL before you submit any details. 

Don’t share your travel plans on social media 
Sharing your travel plans or photos on social media alerts people that you are not at home and attracts opportunistic criminals. Post your travel photos after you return home. 

Back up your devices before you go on holiday 
Make a backup of your smartphone and other devices that you plan to bring with you, in case you lose them during your travels. 

Set up a passcode or PIN on your mobile devices 
This is your first line of defense in case your phone or laptop is lost or stolen. 

Erase data on stolen devices 
If one of your devices gets stolen, erase your data remotely. 

  • Android: Go to 
  • Apple: Use Find My on or another Apple device 

Turn off your device's Bluetooth 
If you leave your Bluetooth turned on, cyber criminals nearby can pick up the signal and use tools to gain access to your device. 

Use password-protected Wi-Fi networks 
Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks as there is a high risk that your data can be exposed. 

Use a virtual private network (VPN) 
Using a VPN can protect your online activities from being intercepted by hackers who are using the same network as you. 

Check your bank statements regularly 
Look out for any unfamiliar transactions and always log out of your online banking when you are done. 

Store your devices in the hotel safe 
Do not leave your devices lying around in your hotel room when you’re not around. Keep them locked in a safe or in your luggage.