Chatting online can forge new relationships and keep you in touch with your friends. There is a large online community of anonymous strangers and unfiltered, unmoderated discussions. You need to be aware of the potential risks of using chatrooms, and how to overcome them. Predators always take advantage of those who don’t know how to protect themselves. 


Be aware of the risks: 



Cyber bullying occurs when the internet or mobile phones are used to send mean and threatening messages in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner. Cyberbullying has been a major concern in Brunei, as it is common for people to vent their anger or frustration though social networks. Most cyber bullies are motivated by jealousy, anger, revenge or frustration. Many do it for their own entertainment or to get a reaction.  


Examples of cyber bullying 



It’s common in Brunei for people to catch up on social news by reading local blogs on a daily basis. Blogs (short for web logs) are online journals that are usually set up to share opinions, photos, information and more. Blogs may be set up by individuals or companies. 




Social media have dramatically changed the way we communicate. It’s easy to access the latest information about your friends and share updates about your own life. It also creates added responsibility to protect yourself and others. 


Think before you post anything online 



Cyberbullying refers to the act of threatening, intimidating, harassing or causing embarrassment to someone on the internet. In Brunei, it’s common for people to express anger or frustration through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If these online posts are directed at a specific person, it could lead to cyberbullying. Most cyberbullies are motivated by anger, revenge or frustration. Some do it for their own entertainment or to get a reaction. 


Talk to your child about cyberbullying 



Online games are easily available for download or to play through game consoles, computers and mobile devices. While games can be entertaining, you should be aware of the potential dangers to children. 


Risks of online gaming 

  • Cyberbullying & online grooming 

Multiplayer online games often include a chat feature which enables players to interact through text or voice chat while playing the game. This feature can be abused and lead to cyberbullying, grooming or sexual harassment.