Imagine going through your Facebook feed and then suddenly seeing your photo and your name on the “People you may know” list. You know you don’t have another Facebook account and you click on your second profile. 


You’re shocked by what you see. Photos from your original account are posted. Your friends are on the list and they’ve been commenting on the photos. And the person who’s impersonating you has been responding to the comments as though it was you! 


Why would someone create a fake social media account? 



Here are 5 tips to be safe while gaming online:  


Tip #1 - Beware of cheat codes & programs 

Yes, sometimes we have trouble getting to the next level as games are designed to be challenging. A ‘cheat’ code or program can help gamers to have shortcuts without spending so much time on the game. However, downloading the ‘cheat’ may contain viruses or spyware without you realizing it.  



What is Cyber Bullying? 
Sometimes when you’re on the internet, there may be someone who wants to harm you like a bully but without hurting you physically. When you visit some places on the internet like chatrooms or social media like Facebook or Twitter, some people might say mean things about you. You may not even know the people who are doing it. 


Examples of cyber bullying: 



The social nature of the internet connects people who know each other and offers a way for people to make new friends. But not all these people have good intentions, and the dangers of unwanted contact are on the rise. 


What is unwanted contact? 



Chatting online can forge new relationships and keep you in touch with your friends. There is a large online community of anonymous strangers and unfiltered, unmoderated discussions. You need to be aware of the potential risks of using chatrooms, and how to overcome them. Predators always take advantage of those who don’t know how to protect themselves. 


Be aware of the risks: 



What kind of risk are you taking when adding strangers to your online account? How many people are on your social networking friend list? Do you really know every single one of them personally? Would you talk to them in person? Be careful who you trust online – a person could always pretend to be someone they are not.