identity theft



The growth of social media has made privacy increasingly vulnerable as we upload personal details (whether knowingly or unknowingly), thereby allowing others to see into our lives. Personal information is valuable and should be kept private. By maintaining privacy, you are reducing the risk of having your identity stolen.  


How to make your account private 


Anyone who is connected to the internet, and especially those who have online accounts such as social networking or email, could get compromised or ‘hacked’.  The faster you respond to a successful attack, the faster you can minimize the damage. 


How does an attacker get your password? 

  • From ‘phishing’ sites where you unintentionally gave your credentials 
  • From infected free software that you have installed on your computer 
  • Your online security is weak 
  • Your password is easy to guess 




Cyber bullying occurs when the internet or mobile phones are used to send mean and threatening messages in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner. Cyberbullying has been a major concern in Brunei, as it is common for people to vent their anger or frustration though social networks. Most cyber bullies are motivated by jealousy, anger, revenge or frustration. Many do it for their own entertainment or to get a reaction.  


Examples of cyber bullying 



There used to be a time when shopping on the internet was very rare and uncommon, but thanks to the emergence of Facebook and Instagram e-shops, Bruneians have now learned to gain trust in making purchases with the click of a mouse, whether for clothing, electronics or car parts. While this has proven to be convenient, there are also risks involved with online shopping and people should be aware of them. 


Risks of online shopping 



It’s common in Brunei for people to catch up on social news by reading local blogs on a daily basis. Blogs (short for web logs) are online journals that are usually set up to share opinions, photos, information and more. Blogs may be set up by individuals or companies.