Here are 5 tips to be safe while gaming online:  


Tip #1 - Beware of cheat codes & programs 

Yes, sometimes we have trouble getting to the next level as games are designed to be challenging. A ‘cheat’ code or program can help gamers to have shortcuts without spending so much time on the game. However, downloading the ‘cheat’ may contain viruses or spyware without you realizing it.  



What is Cyber Bullying? 
Sometimes when you’re on the internet, there may be someone who wants to harm you like a bully but without hurting you physically. When you visit some places on the internet like chatrooms or social media like Facebook or Twitter, some people might say mean things about you. You may not even know the people who are doing it. 


Examples of cyber bullying: 



Passwords help us to keep things private, but we need to keep our passwords safe. We do this by making our password strong so people cannot easily guess it. 


A weak password: 

  • is easy to guess 
  • is made up of only letters or only numbers 


How to create a strong password: 



If you spend too much time on the internet, you might find it difficult to stop. This is called addiction. You might be playing online games or social networking, but the problem is that if you are online for too long it can make you behave differently towards friends and family and can even make you sick. 


You might have a problem if: 



We need to be very careful about who we speak to and email because there are bad people who will pretend to be your friend. These people will try to make friends with you but actually they want to hurt you. They can find you through instant messaging, online games and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. 


Bad people will look for: 



There are many places on the internet where you can meet people and get to know each other. These websites are called social networks. Some examples of social networks are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 


Be careful!