Mobile phones are getting smarter, but are we? You might want to take these simple steps to secure your phones. 


1. Set the magic number 

Setting up a passcode is the easiest way to protect the data stored inside your phone. 



Blood typecasting in some East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea is as popular as horoscope reading in the West. There is an intense belief that blood type can be an influencing factor in a person’s life, just as how astrological signs are perceived. 


So what is your password management style based on the Japanese blood type personality chart? 






Passwords help us to keep things private, but we need to keep our passwords safe. We do this by making our password strong so people cannot easily guess it. 


A weak password: 

  • is easy to guess 
  • is made up of only letters or only numbers 


How to create a strong password: 


Anyone who is connected to the internet, and especially those who have online accounts such as social networking or email, could get compromised or ‘hacked’.  The faster you respond to a successful attack, the faster you can minimize the damage. 


How does an attacker get your password? 

  • From ‘phishing’ sites where you unintentionally gave your credentials 
  • From infected free software that you have installed on your computer 
  • Your online security is weak 
  • Your password is easy to guess 




Passwords are the first line of defense to keep other people out of your computer, mobile phone, data and online accounts and this is why we must learn how to create strong passwords to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, many of the passwords people use are short and simple or have been used for a long period of time and for multiple accounts. Think of your password like a house key – it enables you to lock up your house, but you have to keep the key in a safe location. 


Basic guide to creating strong passwords 



Cloud storage is a term that refers to online space that you can use to store your data. Cloud computing services are online services which store your data in a safe and secure location online, allowing you to access your files from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.