Instagram is very popular in Brunei for online sellers to showcase their products for sale. It is also very convenient for the sellers as it cuts costs on renting a space and instead have their customers purchase their products by commenting “book” or “booksis”.  


The word “sis” is short for “sister” and it is usually used by ladies when they want to book with the intent to purchase the product.  


How is shopping on Instagram done in Brunei?  




The popular use of online communications has given rise to online sexual predators who come up with creative ways to take advantage of unsuspecting men, women and teens. These predators use various methods to seduce or pressure a victim to perform sexual favors, and often threaten the victim with embarrassment if they don’t do it. 


Online sexual blackmail is sometimes called Sextortion, or Romance Scam. Victims are usually lured through social media sites, and the blackmailers are often part of criminal gangs from foreign countries.