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Using Pirated Software

pirated software

What is Software Piracy? 

It is the unauthorised copying and distribution of software without ownership and legal rights. Another form of software piracy is when you download a program illegally. Examples of software piracy include: 

  • Copying software and giving it to others 
  • Using software which is licensed for one computer on several computers 
  • Using software without a license 
  • Making licensed software available on the Internet to share with others 
  • Illegally downloading files from the Internet, such as music and movies 


What are the dangers of using pirated software? 

  • Breaking the law and violating intellectual rights of software authors 
  • Your computer will be at risk of damage and other security threats such as malware 
  • Pirated software could contain spyware which allows access to your personal and confidential information without your knowledge 
  • You may not be supported with technical help 
  • Illegally obtained software may not work properly 


How can I avoid software piracy? 

  • When purchasing software online, check the site’s URL starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP 
  • Purchase only legitimate software products from legitimate websites 
  • Never give commercial software to unlicensed users 
  • Only permit authorised users to install software, especially in your organization