What to do with your modern-day antique


Have you wondered what to do with your old tech that is just sitting there collecting dust? The ones that you have not switched on for months or years as there is no use for it anymore? At some point you'll want to get rid of it to make some space.  


Throwing it away might be the easiest and simplest solution, but is it necessary? Here are some alternatives and creative ways we can get rid of our old gadgets that have passed their prime.  


Sell your old goods 

The best place to do this is to advertise it online, especially on social media such as Facebook & Instagram. You can post it on ‘used items’ Facebook groups or pages as it would be easily accessible. Just be aware of some low-ballers that will try to negotiate for a much lower price.  


Donate it to charity  

Donating to charity is another easy way to let go of your items. If you have a used computer, monitor, keyboard or printer you could approach schools that need it. When donating a computer, be sure not to include your hard disk. Alternatively make sure your data is completely wiped out from your hard disk. 


Unleash your creativity and sprinkle some magic 



This could be a fun and exciting project for your unused items. You’ll find plenty of ideas online for upcycling outdated gadgets, and websites (e.g. Pinterest) that offer DIY instructions to repurpose them. This might inspire you to start cleaning up and do some cool things to your old tech. 




There are a few recycling companies that you could send your obsolete gadgets to. These companies will put the items through a powerful shredder, breaking it into small chunks. Depending on the material, they will categorize and segregate it into plastic, metal and computer chips and processed into a specific material, it will then be sent to manufacturers to be used again in new devices.  


Here are some companies that recycle used computers and plastic in Brunei: