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Seek help

If you are experiencing an online threat such as cyberbullying, hacked email account or online impersonation, contact BruCERT for advise.

245 8001

717 0766

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do not respond to any of the messages 
  2. Take screenshots and save evidence such as conversations and their contact number or email  
  3. Block and report their social media profile  
  4. Filter your followers and keep your profile private 
  5. Report it to the police 

For urgent queries please call us at 2458001


Report it directly to Instagram. For more info:



Report it directly to Twitter. For more info:



Report it directly to Facebook. For more info: 


For urgent queries please call us at 2458001 

There are many free and paid antivirus software available, and your choice may depend on your usage and device. In general, we would advise to look for one that: 

  • Is well-known and reputable 
  • Is highly rated 
  • Has good reviews 
  • Is downloaded from a legitimate website or app store 
  • Is updated frequently 


Refer to reputable tech website reviews for recommendations: 


For urgent queries please call us at 2458001 

  1. Filter your followers and keep your profile private. 
  2. Save evidence such as screenshots, conversations and the user's contact details.  
  3. Report the fake profile directly to the respective social media. 










For urgent queries please call us at 2458001 

  • Don't respond. Leave the site or chat session.
  • Block the contact or remove them from your friends list.
  • Change your profile settings so that your personal details are kept private.
  • Don't respond to online messages from people you don't know.
  • If there is a threat to your safety, report it to the police.

If you or someone you know is being cyberbullied:

  • Don't react to a bully. It might only motivate them more.
  • Don't reply to any messages from a bully.
  • If you're being cyberbullied by someone on a social network, you can "Block" or "Unfriend" them.
  • If you are being cyberbullied by phone, you could change your phone number.
  • Do not delete messages from a bully. They can serve as evidence when you lodge a report about the bullying.
  • Report the bullying. Many social networking sites allow users to report cyberbullying. For example, you can report bullying on Facebook's Help Center.
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