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Cyber Battle Hacking Competition & Talks to be held in August

File photo of Talks at Cyber Battle last year

Annual computer hacking competition Cyber Battle: Capture The Flag (CTF) will return on 3 August, in addition to a series of talks. Now in its fifth year, the competition is organized by local IT security firm ITPSS Sdn Bhd, with the aim of inspiring our youth to pursue careers in IT and cybersecurity.

Competitors will be presented with challenges in various categories such as Packet Analysis, Cryptography, Digital Forensics and Exploitation. By solving a challenge, the competitor obtains a secret key known as a “flag”. The flag is then submitted to a dedicated score server, and the competitor is awarded points for each verified flag.

An online qualifying round will be held on July 21, with the top 10 teams and 5 solo participants moving on to the finals on August 3. The final round will be a full day event where the competing hackers will face their opponents in person.

The top 3 competitors in the finals will win cash prizes of $5000, $3500 and $2500. To participate, visit and register by July 17. Registration is free, and the competition is open to anyone residing in Brunei Darussalam. This year, competitors can join as either a solo participant or a team of 2 to 3 members.

During the finals, ITPSS will also host a series of free public presentations by security experts and IT professionals on August 3. The presentations will cover a range of topics including OSINT, profiling in cyber security, ransomware and its mechanics, how exploitable IoT devices can be, and how to develop games from home. To attend, please register online at


File photo of Talks at Cyber Battle last year
File photo of Talks at Cyber Battle last year